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About Me

I am a :

* CSR Consultant

* Sustainability Reporter

* HR Professional

* Ice Cream Addict.

I founded and run Beyond Business Ltd ( ), a social and environmental business consulting firm, specialising in CSR strategy and roadmap development, materiality mapping, CSR and sustainability benchmarking, and GRI (G4) sustainability reporting.  We work globally, offering clients a full range of CSR and sustainability expertise.

I am the author of CSR for HR : A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices, (Greenleaf Publishing , 2010) a comprehensive guide for CSR and Human Resources Managers on the interface between CSR and HR, and what HR managers should be doing to ensure a CSR-enabled culture and practice in any company. You can follow themes raised in the book on my blog : . You can "like" the CSR for HR Facebook page here.

I have also written and published two books with DoSustainability
Understanding G4: A concise guide to next generation sustainability reporting
Sustainability Reporting for SMEs: Competitive Advantage Through Transparency 

I write three blogs:
CSR Reporting: thoughts and insights about CSR and Sustainabilty reporting.
CSR for HR: a blog about the interface between CSR and HR
CSR-Books: a blog of CSR book reviews and author interviews

You can find me on:

I am married to Judah and we have two children, Eden (girl) and Amit (boy). We live in Israel. I grew up in the UK (Manchester) and have a BA (Double Hons) in French and German from Bradford University.

I believe in social justice, the capability of women, the need for transparency in business, and in CSR reporting as an essential tool in driving responsible business practices. I like to make CSR fun so you will find my blogs occasionally witty and usually full of references to ice cream without which the world would be a lot less fun :)


I am always happy to hear from readers of my blogs or other writings and welcome feedback on anything at all :)
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